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Montserrado is an Oil and Gas focused firm with plans underway to extend its services to Capital Projects and Infrastructure. We understand the terrain and our aim is to ensure we assist in creating sustainability in any project we take on.

Oil and Gas
  • Africa as a whole is very Oil-rich, with two countries; Libya and Nigeria holding the largest oil reserves.
  • The countries with the most abundant supply of natural gas in Africa include Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and Nigeria. Combined, these nations own 92% of African natural gas but are also amongst the top ten gas flaring countries in the world.
  • Though Africa has vast reserves in Oil and Gas its potential to convert raw material to value product is severely hampered by lack of investment and infrastructure development.
  • Montserrado delivers value by identifying and addressing the intricacies hindering projects.
Power and Utilities
  • Nigeria and Africa has a whole are still struggling with meeting the demand for constant power supply which has been hindered by dilapidated, inadequate and outdated infrastructure.
  • In Nigeria where power is made available there still exist payment risk from end-users and the Genco’s are susceptible to gas outages from the gas providers due to pipeline vandalism.
  • Montserrado offers innovative mini-grid/off-grid solutions that ensure a steady supply of power and the necessary non-discretionary payment structures for investors.
  • Montserrado has a vested interest in delivering and supporting the implementation of renewable energy solutions.

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

  • Montserrado supports in developing, financing, execution, operation and maintenance of:
  1. Agriculture: Supporting our clients in Farming and processing of farm produce and waste into value products.
  2. Mining: Leveraging on international technical partners to inculcate new technology and industry best practices as regards safety and technology.
  3. Oil and Gas: Creating value through developing secondary evacuation route and maintaining uptime.