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Our Business Operations

Montserrado Group has its head office and operations domiciled in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. With several project and representative offices located in West Africa and Latin America; Montserrado’s integrated project development group is focused on growing its project network by strongly leveraging on local content in emerging markets. Each Besloten Vennootschap (B.V) is focused on developing each project specific to its industry segment and host country where the project is domiciled.

Our Business Model

Lack of fiscal capacity combined with poor due diligence leads to the low conversion rates of projects within emerging markets. This coupled with the insufficient technical capacity for project design and lack of enabling policies of governments within these regions further dampens the odds of success.

Our niche business model centers on bridging the gap between infrastructure deficits in emerging markets and intelligent money. To achieve this, we invest risk capital to conduct a pre-feasibility analysis prior to development. This “risk” capital converts the project to a bankable opportunity that is compliant with the Minimum Risk Acceptance criteria viable for institutional investment from our global partners. Our risk appetite combined with our highly skilled and multi-talented resource pool allows us to find and exploit these unrealized opportunities.

The group, having developed key projects in West Africa, has become focused on renewable/ green energy and carbon neutral projects. The role of renewables in the energy industry is becoming increasingly important and in turn the group’s model to be a top tier green energy transition enabler in emerging markets.

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Our Business Strategy

We have created a niche business model that centers on bridging the gap between infrastructure deficits in emerging markets and surplus cash held in global funds. We recognize human capital is our biggest asset, as such we work with only the smartest and brightest minds from all over the world. Our philosophy is built upon finding unrealized value in markets with untapped potential and developing the opportunity to a state of project bankability. This allows us to leverage our institutional partnerships to create a socio-economic and impactful investment within the markets we serve.

We seek to understand and mitigate project risks such that they are compliant with the Minimum Risk Acceptance criteria of global funds:

  • Conversion rates for projects in emerging markets are extremely low due to improper due diligence prior to project development. We invest risk capital to conduct a pre-feasibility analysis prior to development. This “de-risk” capital assists us in converting the project to a bankable opportunity viable for institutional investments to be received from our global partners
  • As energy infrastructure developers, we work with locals and utilize local resources available to each geography in order to support sustainable development and economic growth.
  • We have built a nimble team of experts with core competencies in project development, advisory and financing. This enables us to provide full end-to-end oversight in ensuring that each project we develop is successfully completed. We further validate our studies and analysis by outsourcing to consultancy firms who add value by subjecting them to scrutiny in line with international standards and best practices. This also serves to remove the added weight of excessive overhead costs and allows us to remain efficient throughout the deal process
  • We leverage our vast network to carefully match each partner with the appropriate opportunity.

Typical Transaction Lifecycle

Our blended finance approach assists us in deploying seed capital into pre-developing opportunities to reach bankability to further mitigate the risk for our institutional partners and creditors.

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