Montserrado Holdings B.V has been established as the Holding Company for Montserrado’s interests. As developers, our goal is to systematically use our expertise, resources and network to support cost-economic and financial structuring of projects in emerging markets. Our capacity to implement projects from concept to bankability is what makes our business a game changer in the industries we play in. As the parent company of the group, we actively seek current and best project and industry practices; that is why from 2020 we have transitioned to developing green energy infrastructure projects.

The Business Model

As the world looks to transition from fossil fuels, the importance placed on sourcing renewable options for power and energy has become more apparent. In recent years, we have progressively transitioned to green energy related projects with a long-term vision to become a leader and a key player in this field.

In Africa and Latin America, we have identified several renewable options bioenergy – from waste, solar, wind dams, water dams etc. We have identified several renewable resources in numerous countries we play in, with aligned visions to increase green energy supply by 70% in a decade.

We have commenced renewable energy solutions in Africa, starting with:

  • Sugarcane refineries
  • Ethanol refineries.