Montserrado Gas Infrastructure B.V is our gas focused project development and advisory firm. Our objective is to use chemistry and engineering to create sustainable and workable solutions for the commercialisation of flare which is otherwise wasted and destroys the environment.

The Business Model

Gas is the future. Due to emerging economies and population growth, it is the only fossil fuel with global demand rising after 2035. Oil wells are made up mainly of oil, gas and water. In a lot of oil producing countries in emerging markets, most oil wells have been flaring large amounts of gas. The introduction of climate change policies, these countries have had to clamp down with strict anti-flare policies as seen in Nigeria; it has become important to find gas solutions before exploration.

A pilot project is being developed to fractionate gas and convert all elements of this gas into usable commodities that can be utilised commercially and in turn create socio-economical and developmental impact in the communities we operate in.